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Injury free training?

Regarding injury prevention and recurrent physical issues during running (or running-related sports), FysioLab developed a biomechanic screening tool. Using sports-specific tests, an analysis is made that represents your functionality as an athlete. Based on this analysis we provide a screening-report and furthermore a personal exercise program to improve your performance and next to that prevent physical injuries.

Sportspecific screening, including a written screening-report and in addition a verbal review, as well as further guidance in performing the exercise program

All kind of runners: starting from beginners and recreative to experienced and competitive athletes. Including other running-related sports as soccer, basketball, rugby where we focus on preseasonal and mid-season training. A specific analysis of your body’s functionality is the key to improving your performance and prevent further injury

Get in contact with FysioLab by calling 03/808.05.08 or by mail: info@fysiolab.be

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