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Manual therapy

During a manual therapy session, your body as a functional whole is exposed to targeted examination by a physiotherapist. This is to get to the root of the problem.

The tailor-made treatment is therefore a collaboration between the patient and the manual therapist. Manual actions form the basis of the recovery of the existing limitations with movement or blockages.

Professional treatment with excellent results.
Ann Spooren

Back and neck

Exercise therapy is aimed at gaining insight into daily movement complaints. Which muscles and joints are strained when you sit, walk or make other movements?

The exercise therapist therefore challenges your body to use all your potential in order to achieve optimal recovery. First of all, we remedy your complaints through specific targeted exercises and actions. In addition, exercise therapy also has a preventive effect.

Good support after a hernia operation. In a pleasant atmosphere and physiotherapists who know what they are doing.
Patrick Deschamps

Sports physiotherapy

Acute or long-standing sports injuries also require a targeted approach. To resume sports at training and competition level, our (sports) physiotherapist therefore stimulates your body in every possible way. We choose the therapy in such a way that the exercises are always as close as possible to the sporting activities that the patient performs.

Top team! These are one by one physiotherapists who know what they are doing. You can go here for sports injuries, rehabilitation after operations, edema therapy in short for everything!!
van Cauwenbergh

Edema therapy

Edema is an accumulation of lymph fluid that can result in swelling. This is the result of an imbalance between the supply and removal of moisture. Edema often develops gradually and can become chronic. Early treatment can make all the difference!

Our qualified therapists build an individual and personal treatment plan. More information about the treatment? Click here or view the website of Edeemtherapie Antwerpen.

I received excellent help from Stig and I was well motivated, I am now free of complaints from my Achilles tendon inflammation that I walked around with for 3 years.
Geert Ampe


Our location at the Wezenberg swimming pool in Antwerp also offers us additional options. Due to the carrying capacity of water, you can train your entire body without having to absorb high shock loads. As a result, adapted to your goal, aquatherapy, for example, can be an added value during the treatment.

Young and very driven team! Ensure a personal and professional approach.
D Pa

Dry needling

Dry needling, sometimes also intramuscular stimulation (IMS), is a treatment method in which a needle is inserted into thickenings of a muscle. The treatment is used, among other things, for the treatment of a myofascial pain syndrome, stiffness and pain in the muscles.

Highly motivated team you can always count on!
Olivier Mortelé

Pelvic floor therapy

Problems with the pelvic floor are often known in women before or after childbirth, but the problem of pelvic floor control also exists in men.

Through an extensive intake interview and specific tests, the pelvic floor therapist examines whether the pelvic floor is the source of the complaints. Is this the case? Then we will work together with an individual exercise schedule to gain control over this zone step by step.

They really know what they are doing. Super friendly really a top team. An extra plus is that they are also fully wheelchair accessible.
Jaimy Roos

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