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Medical Fitness

After lengthy rehabilitation or frequent recurring complaints, you then want to take matters into your own hands. Fitness is then an obvious choice for many. Nevertheless, independent training in a medically responsible manner is of enormous importance.

Our team of physiotherapists offers personal guidance through the collaboration between FysioLab Antwerp and Wezenbergfit . They take your medical background into account in particular in order to achieve your goal.

Three-weekly sessions with a physiotherapist and active guidance in the fitness by the coaches therefore form a strong basis. In this way you can independently strengthen your body.

After a long rehabilitation, frequently recurring complaints, … fitness again or start independently? Through this concept you are supported in a medically responsible manner and also guided with the intention of exercising independently in the long term.

You will be closely monitored and guided for 21 weeks via an 8-step plan.

FysioLab and Wezenbergfit work together under one roof in the complex of the Olympic Swimming Pool Wezenberg in Antwerp

Contact FysioLab by phone on 03/808.05.08 or mail to info@fysiolab.be

Personal Training

Do you still need extra personal guidance during or after your treatment to achieve your goals?

Our close collaboration with physical coach Bjorn Stilten makes this possible. You can choose from:

Personal Training: Condition building, weight loss, improving sports performance,…

Cardio Coaching: the Sportmed Approved Coaching for both beginners and advanced athletes

Small Group Training: pilates, endurance training, sport-specific training

This can take place in the practice room of FysioLab, at your home or on location.

Contact FysioLab by phone on 03/808.05.08 or mail to info@fysiolab.be

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