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Tessa De Vrieze

Tessa De Vrieze

Kinesitherapeut and Oedeemtherapeut

After her Master in Manual Therapy (VUB), Tessa developed a special interest in lymphology and edema therapy. Her doctoral research was about lymphedema after breast cancer, but she also has a special interest in primary (congenital) lymphedema or other types of secondary (acquired) lymphedema, such as due to venous problems or other causes. During her postdoctoral research, she extends her expertise to lymphedema of the lower extremities and conducts research into evaluation methods for unilateral and bilateral lymphedema of the legs and genital edema (whether or not congenital or acquired after, for example, gynecological cancer). , urogenital cancer or skin cancer).

Tessa also specialized in pelvic floor physiotherapy with the two-year interuniversity course “Pelvic re-education and perinatal physiotherapy” at the University of Antwerp – KU Leuven – UGent – ​​Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In this way you can also contact her for pelvic floor-related complaints, and/or for pre- and postnatal physiotherapy and questions.

Tessa De Vrieze is a physiotherapist and edema therapist at FysioLab


  • Master Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy
  • Master after Master Manual Therapy
  • Phd. in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy – Edema Therapy


  • Manual therapy
  • Edema therapy
  • Pelvic floor therapy and pre- and postnatal rehabilitation

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