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Manu Stes

Manu Stes

Kinesitherapeut, Manueel Therapeut, and Medical bikefitter

Manu Stes is an experienced physiotherapist and manual therapist with a special interest and experience in bicycle positioning as a medical bikefitter at FysioLab. He himself rides his racing bike several times a week and likes to share his own experiences and knowledge with other riders. Manu is sure that every rider can find a position that he can hold for several hours without ailments.

Manu Stes is a Medical bikefitter and Physiotherapist at FysioLab


  • Master Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy
  • Master after master Manual Therapy
  • Medical bikefitter


  • Bike fit
  • Manual therapy
  • Sports physiotherapy

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2018 Antwerpen
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