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Kinesist Fysiolab Antwerpen - Filip Stremersch

Filip Stremersch

Kinesitherapeut and Manueel Therapeut

Filip Stremersch obtained a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy at the University of Antwerp in 2015. He then obtained a Master’s degree in manual therapy at the Free University of Brussels in 2016. He wants to remedy as many physical complaints as possible through his practice. Over the past few years, Filip has built up a great deal of expertise in sports physiotherapy and back/neck complaints. In addition to being a physiotherapist at Fysiolab, he is also active as a physiotherapist at Beerschot.

Filip Stremersch is a physiotherapist and manual therapist at FysioLab


  • Master Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy
  • Master after Master Manual Therapy


  • Manual Therapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Aqua Rehabilitation
  • Back School

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