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Bjorn Stilten

Bjorn Stilten

Coaching & Training and Personal Trainer

As a strength & conditioning coach, I am very convinced of the importance of adapted strength training. After all, we know from biomechanics that strength plays a very decisive role in sports performance, general health and during rehabilitation. Our body is exposed to all kinds of forces every day – especially in the context of sports – and it must also be able to handle and overcome these forces with opposing forces that we must generate ourselves. People whose focus is on cardio also need targeted strength training.

Bjorn Stilten is a Coaching & Training specialist and Personal Trainer at FysioLab


  • c. Strength & conditioning
  • Postgraduate functional trainer
  • Educational Bachelor of Secondary Education
  • Professional Bachelor of Business Management Majoring in sports management


  • Sports performance coach
  • Sports masseur
  • Medical taping
  • Rehabilitation trainer football
  • All-round reva-coach (rehaboom)

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