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Know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Our 8-person team draws up a treatment plan in consultation with you. Taking into account your possibilities, your goals and other individual factors, we complete your rehabilitation and/or support. In joint consultation we arrive at the ideal treatment method with a focus on long-term results.

We therefore strive to always stay up-to-date in order to offer you the best guidance. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about all forms of physiotherapy, training and bike fitting, we are happy to share our expertise with you.

Our FysioLab physiotherapists in Antwerp can adjust the treatments thanks to our location. Exercises can therefore take place indoors, outdoors or in the swimming pool. After all, our location gives us the option of using the many available facilities to meet the demands and needs of each individual.

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Looking for a physiotherapist in Antwerp? Physiotherapy or physiotherapy is the therapy that deals with the treatment of complaints in the body. It is our passion to help everyone remove these complaints and relieve pain. You can also contact us for long-term rehabilitation and the prevention of injuries.

I was very well helped at Physiolab. There is a strong focus on solving the problem in the long term.
Heidi VR

Sports physiotherapy

Acute or long-standing sports injuries also require a targeted approach. To resume sports at training and competition level, our (sports) physiotherapist therefore stimulates your body in every possible way. We choose the therapy in such a way that the exercises are always as close as possible to the sporting activities that the patient performs.

Top physiotherapists - good exercises - easily accessible - extremely friendly. recommended!


The ideal cycling position is a very personal matter, which is determined by the physical capabilities of the body. Our medical bike fit is therefore preceded by an extensive anamnesis and physical screening by one of our physiotherapist bike fitters. As a therapist, they have a lot of experience with the human body and transfer this knowledge to your bicycle positioning.

Only one address in Antwerp if you want to sit perfectly on your bike. Manu is very friendly and explains everything clearly and perfectly. Highly recommended!
Mike Lebbe

edema therapy

Edema is an accumulation of lymph fluid that can result in swelling. This is the result of an imbalance between the supply and removal of moisture. Edema often develops gradually and can become chronic. Early treatment can make all the difference!

Our qualified therapists build an individual and personal treatment plan.

Good support after a hernia operation. In a pleasant atmosphere and physiotherapists who know what they are doing.
Patrick Deschamps

Dry needling

Dry needling, soms ook intramuscular stimulation (IMS), is een behandelmethode waarbij met een naald in verdikkingen van een spier wordt geprikt. De behandeling wordt onder andere toegepast voor de behandeling van een myofasciaal pijnsyndroom, stijfheid en pijn in de spieren. 

Dry needling, sometimes also intramuscular stimulation (IMS), is a treatment method in which a needle is inserted into thickenings of a muscle. The treatment is used, among other things, for the treatment of a myofascial pain syndrome, stiffness and pain in the muscles.

Highly motivated team you can always count on!
Olivier Mortelé

Pelvic floor therapy

Problems with the pelvic floor are often known in women before or after childbirth, but the problem of pelvic floor control also exists in men.

Through an extensive intake interview and specific tests, the pelvic floor therapist examines whether the pelvic floor is the source of the complaints. Is this the case? Then we will work together with an individual exercise schedule to gain control over this zone step by step.

They really know what they are doing. Super friendly really a top team. An extra plus is that they are also fully wheelchair accessible.
Jaimy Roos

Frequently Asked Questions

You can always reach us by phone on 03 808 05 08 or schedule an appointment directly on our website by clicking here.

Thanks to our extensive team, you have access to extensive expertise. We usually help people who are looking for a regular physiotherapist or a sports physiotherapist. You can also contact us for edema therapy, dry needling, bike fitting, manual therapy, remedial therapy or aqua therapy.

Do you suffer from a stiff neck? Is your neck stuck? Neck complaints are very common and generally easy to treat. If the neck can no longer be turned smoothly, a possible cause is that the muscles are too stiff or that the joints of the neck are stuck. An extensive investigation is necessary first to determine what the problems are. Do you want more information? Learn more about neck pain here.

Your back is stuck? A stiff back or unstable feeling? More than 80 percent of people get back pain sooner or later. Back pain doesn’t have to be bad at all. Sooner or later, almost everyone will experience back pain. In general, these are very easy to remedy. Often, loosening the muscles (massage) and training the muscles (exercise therapy) are important treatments that must be carried out. More information about first aid for back pain? Then be sure to check out this page.

Knee complaints occur at all ages. In children this is often due to growing pains, while in older people this is often due to wear and tear on the cartilage (arthrosis). Overuse injuries and traumas are common in sports. Would you like more information about possible causes and treatments for knee complaints? here you will find more information.

Ankle complaints are common sports injuries. Have you sprained the ankle? This often continues to cause discomfort for a longer period of time.
Through specific exercises, we will work with you to stabilize the ankle again and make it functional.

Muscles provide movement. A tear is a relative overload of the tissue. Too much load is put on the muscle, causing it to fail and a strain or tear to form. In (top) sport, the importance of an extensive and specific exercise schedule is of enormous importance to achieve full recovery and avoid relapse.

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